Your Buckhorn Estates Neighborhood - Welcome

Who are we?

    We are the residents (homeowners and all other residents) of 652 homes that, in general, surround the “back nine” holes of the Buckhorn Springs Golf and Country Club.

What do we do?

  • We work together to keep our community safe and otherwise great to live in.
  • We are one of the safest (based on statistics kept by the Sherriff’s Office) communities in the Brandon-Valrico area.
  • We have many activities that are both fun and beneficial to our community.

How do we do this?

  • We do this through the Buckhorn Estates Homeowners Association (BEHA) – an organization for all residents, whether you are renting or owning. Membership in BEHA is voluntary, but the dues are extremely modest ($30 per year) - and there are great benefits! Here is our Annual Dues Form.
  • We run BEHA through an elected Board of Directors who are all volunteers, and spend many hours of their own time setting up events such as . . . . . . Keep in mind that we are not a "managed community," but a group of your neighbors volunteering their time to make Buckhorn a great place to live!
  • We have a special organization that takes care of our entrances.
  • We have a Neighborhood CrimeWatch that has an excellent relationship with local law enforcement, and
  • We work with all our residents to see that they don’t accidentally violate county code or our community covenants.

How do we share information?

  • Through this Website. It is an online resource for our residents as well as the surrounding community. We have put together a unique blend of resources to inform, entertain and keep you updated on all events impacting our lives. Our website include a number of links to local government.
  • Through our community e-mails. Your e-mail address is protected and only used for community to get information out quickly to our residents. Register Now!
    You will be added to our General Interest mailing list.

If you have any comments, suggestions or want to volunteer, please send us an e-mail at