Buckhorn is a great place to live! We work hard to help make this a safe, caring, and committed community.
  • We maintain an active dialogue with public safety officials and keep alert to prevent vandalism, thefts, and other community activities. This takes constant vigilance and an ongoing and productive dialogue with law enforcement and code enforcement officials. The results: our crime rate is almost miniscule compared to other communities in our area. Keeping this distinction requires effort on everyone's part. Be vigilant.
  • We also conduct regular community meetings to ensure that our homeowners association is representing our residents in the best possible matter.
  • And we have a number of community events throughout the year to promote neighbor-to-neighbor relations and to continue to make this a community of excellence.
Here are Some of our Recurring Events

Board Meetings

Each month your homeowners association board meets to plan upcoming community events, like you see on this page, and to discuss other matters relating to the welfare of Buckhorn and its residents. For example, most of the improvements to the Buckhorn Community Park have been initiated through grants that are discussed at board meetings and written by board members. The meetings are open to the public, just contact a board member to learn of the date and time of the next meeting.
General Membership Meetings

Once or twice a year we have General Membership Meetings. the Annual General Membership Meeting includes election of association officers. The meetings include interesting spokespersons from a variety of public and governmental organizations. There are always door prizes. It is very important to invest a few hours of your time to attend general membership meetings to strengthen our community and to ensure that your voice is heard in homeowner association activities (even if you are a renter).

Buckhorn Bunny Bonanza

Each spring we have a Bunny Parade followed by an egg hunt at the Buckhorn Community Park. This is a great time for children. We have age groups to ensure that smaller children get their share of goodies.
Community Garage Sale

Each year we have a community garage sale to clean out no-longer-wanted items. It is a big draw and a great opportunity to get rid of no-longer-wanted items. A charity organization is brought in at the conclusion of the garage sale to haul away any unsold items that would otherwise be discarded.
Independence Day Flag Postings

Each year homeowners board members decorate community mail boxes with American flags. Often there are parades within the community to also celebrate the day.
Halloween at the Park

Come join Buckhorn families for treats at the Buckhorn Community Park. Especially fun for young children. There are usually prizes for the best costumes.
Santa Claus Parade and Santa at the Park

You will hear the Annual Santa Claus parade coming! Most often because Santa rides a bright red engine from the Valrico Volunteer Fire Department and is escorted by vehicles from the Sheriff's Office. The parade is followed by Santa at the Park where children can meet Santa and let him know of their wishes. Yes, there are treats.
Holiday Lights Contest

Each year our community is ablaze with holiday decorations, many going up shortly after Thanksgiving. To recognize the efforts of individuals and streets of homeowners who put lots of time and effort into brightening the holiday season, there is a lights contest with prizes. The winners are announced on the web and in our newsletter.