Neighbors in Business

Business Cards of Our Neighbors in Business
      Good neighbors network socially and professionally. Check out the businesses of your neighbors.
Recurring Neighborhood Events
      You will be surprised at the number of community activities we conduct each year.

Great neighbors help make great neighborhoods. We want to make our Buckhorn Estates neighborhood the best possible for our residents, and your neighborhood association works hard in that regard.

Most of us living here now, and that includes both homeowners and renters, were not here when the community was established around 1987. And it is not likely that any of us were in on the planning that went into the design of our community. But it turns out that Buckhorn has a lot of things going for it.

  • It is served by a very good elementary school, a very good middle school and a very good high school.
  • It has good shopping areas nearby.
  • It is situated so that there is little, if any, traffic that uses our neighborhood as a shortcut to other locations,; in other words, most of our vehicle traffic other that service vehicles, is local.
  • It has a very nice neighborhood park.
  • It has a very good relationship with local law enforcement, and this makes Buckhorn one of the most safe and secure neighborhoods.
  • It has an active volunteer Board to help look out after our interests, including activities and issues that affect us like new business developments, traffic plans, and re-zoning requests.
  • Our Board works closely with the county to get us community grants.
  • We work with our own special tax district that keeps our entrances beautiful and well-maintained.

.   .   .   and we have a very low association dues, just $30 a year. (Compare our association with others that have annual dues of $500 or more.) Click here for an annual dues form and be active in our neighborhood.